ethr Music

ethr music is a social music service. Listen to playlists with your friends and favorite influencers, in real time.

It's like controlling the aux cord for
your followers.

When you broadcast your playlists, your followers hear exactly what you hear.

Synchronous listening

Listen to playlists together, in real time.

Social Music

Comment, tag your friends, and see who else is listening to that playlist.

Discover Music

Music discovery is serendipitous. Follow your favorite people to create more music discovery moments.

Be in the Know

See what your group is listening to with our live feed and activity views.

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Don’t miss out

Our social integrations are on point.

  • Status Updates

    Update the status of your playlist, tag a location and even upload a photo.

  • Featured Users

    We love our users. Every week we feature a few of our favorites.

  • Popular playlists

    Think you have the best music taste? Prove it. Play some heat and see if it makes it on our trending page.

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